Create Letterman Jacket

by using our easy step-by-step process.

Step  1 - Select the Jacket Body Color - Here you select the main jacket body.  See Master color chart for color choices (second Image).
Step 2 - Select the Sleeve Color - Here you select the color you want for the sleeves of the jacket.
(Note:  not all sleeve colors are available for every style of jacket. If you  want a specific color not offered you may have to change to jacket with a  different material for the sleeves. See Master Color Chart for more  info, 2nd image)
Step 3 - Select Pocket Trim Color - Here you select  the color for your pocket tri. Colors available for the material will  appear in the drop-down menu.
Step 4 - Select the Knit Trim Pattern -  Here you pick the pattern for the cuffs and the waist. See the Knit  Patterns chart for Pattern numbers (3rd image).
Step 4a - Slect the  Colors for the Knit Trim Pattern - Here you pick the colors for your  main color (1st color), main stripe color (if 2 color pattern), and  feather stripe color (if 3 color pattern).
Step 5 - Select the Type of Collar - Refer to the Collar Style chart to select a collar (4th image).
Step 6 - Select Inside Lining - Here you choose either nylon or a quilted lining (5th image)
Step 7- Select a Zipper or Snaps for Jacket Closures
Step 8 - Size -Available in sizes XS-XXL
Step 9 - Optional Body and Sleeve Modifications - Select this if you need either shorter or longer sleeves or jacket body
Step 10 - Optional Raglan Sleeves - Refer to jackets photo, first image, for difference in Raglan or Set-in (standard) sleeves

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